Thursday, April 3, 2014

Self Publishing Newsletter 4 April 2014

Is self-publishing right for all Indies?
Debbie Bestwick explains why going it alone might be more damaging to your game than you think

Self-publishers take bestseller lists by storm
In January, the top 10 titles on Germany's e-book bestseller list were by authors who had self-published.

Do the Math: Traditional vs. Self Publishing ? … That's the Question!
Source: Judith Briles

Softcover Is A New Self-Publishing Platform Aimed At Technical Authors
Co-founder Michael Hartl is an author himself, having written the Ruby on Rails Tutorial. (He’s also a repeat entrepreneur, having founded Y Combinator-backed social-networking startup Insoshi.) Hartl told the web site author that between a publishing deal with Addison-Wesley and direct sales from the tutorial website, the book has made $750,000 — and Softcover is based on that experience.

Writing: How Do You Judge Self-Publishing Success?
Self-published authors from around the world - Canada, India, UK - consider the real nature of indie publishing success.

Genre lines: Why literary writers won’t self-publish
Source; Chris Meadows,

Fabian Rangel Jr Talks Kickstarter and Self Publishing in "Doc Unknown"
Fabian Rangel Jr is a pioneer in the world of independent comics having self-published the first volume of “Doc Unknown” on Comixology submit, he proves to be an inspiration for the little guy
Source: Zac Thompson

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