Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Three new books offer distinctive New Zealand narrative on universal topics

Independent publisher BMS Books Ltd is pleased to offer three distinctive New Zealand books of interest to teachers, children and parents. 

Although from different genres, each book provides readers with a telling and heart-felt narrative on universal topics that could only be from this country, says publisher and director Michael Smith. 

“Under the current internationalisation of our publishing industry, it is unlikely that any of these books would have been made available to readers.  Each of the books is important in its own right and, combined, they provide important insights into our country, its people and its culture.”

Oku Moe Moea - The dream which is bigger than I am is a novel written by Shona Hammond Boys, the founder and director of the New Zealand Children’s Art Houses Foundation, is based in the small town of Opotiki.  The story focuses on Victory, a boy growing up in a beautiful location, surrounded by generations of his people.  Victory must, however, deal with personal, family and community anguish in the face of change.  In doing so, he finds his way to a future through art.  This book is suitable for young readers but will hold the attention of and provide greater understanding for adults on the challenges facing creative youngsters today.

Leaving for the Front is a children’s book by Michelle O’Connell, a Masterton author and illustrator.  When Michelle jointed the march to commemorate soldiers who went off to fight on World War I, she was moved by how the event had a profound influence on her and her son.  Through the eyes of her son, Christopher, she has written and illustrated a story that has captured the flavours of the times, the mixed emotions of these families left behind, and a child’s perspective on a world event.  This picture book has been classified as being suitable for children with an interest level of 6-13, and that it would also be suitable for pre-school and primary.

Featherson author Mike Ledingham’s Always a Grunt is a sequel to his popular first book Once a Grunt.  Like the first book, Always a Grunt is packed with short stories based around the author’s time as an SAS and NZ infantry soldier and the difficulties of integrating back into civilian life. The new book includes two stories delving deeper into sensitive areas of emotional turmoil, marking a new stage in this writer’s career.

The books have been published by BMS Books Limited, an independent publishing company and an imprint of the publishing services company Business Media Services Limited.  Should you have any queries about the books or the authors, please feel free to contact me.

Michael R. Smith
Publisher and Director

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